Hello friends! I’m a Medford Lakes REALTOR®!

Hello friends! I’m a Medford Lakes REALTOR!

Houses - starting with Legos, tree houses, drafting, Autocad, engineering at college, redesigning and rebuilding homes, totally rehabbing investment properties, buying and now helping others buy and sell; it's always been something I love!

If we’ve worked together, either in education over the past decade, or in television or film production, or on a stage, theater, wedding venue or studio, or on a construction site, please consider working with me on your next real estate project and sharing with friends and family!

I am working with a veteran team of REALTOR® investors at Reality Real Estate in Medford, NJ, buying and selling in any market. My current focus is Medford Lakes (a great place to raise a family!) and long distance college town investments for students and parents.

Please think of me when you need a REALTOR®.

Also please check out my Facebook page for information and be sure to share and like the page so your friends can check it out too! https://facebook.com/pistonerealtor/

Special thanks to Brent Blanchard for his amazing production Wings Over Medford Lakes, what a great place to live!


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