Seller Checklist

WHOLE HOUSE SELLER CHECKLIST: Objectively Evaluate Every Room!


Light Switch Covers
Light Bulbs
Front door
Doors and Door Knobs
Interior & Exterior Paint
AC/Heater vents


A/C Intake Vents
Ceiling Fans


Rearrange furniture to maximize visual floor space
Pack up all knick-knacks and figurines
Prune and nurture all house plants
Reduce or add houseplants to a balanced number
Remove any furniture that you can live without
Remove all but a few decorative books from bookshelves
Pack away personal family photos to de-personalize the home
Reduce the amount of wall art to one or two items per room
Add lamps to any dark spaces to brighten the room
Avoid using Scented candles, sprays, and plug-in air freshness
Leave your home smelling fresh and clean with an essential oil diffuser


Keep coffee tables clear
Remove any ashtrays
Keep furniture at a minimum
Any toys should be stored out of sight
Use pillows and throws to soften the space


Bottom of Chandelier should be at min. 60” from the floor
Keep dining table clear except for one nice centerpiece
Remove extra chairs from the table and dining room
Remove extra leaves from the table
The table should seat 4 to 6 chairs max.


Clear all items from kitchen countertops
Clean tile grout; bleach if needed
Clean the stove, oven, and microwave
Clear the refrigerator of magnets, pictures, and messages
Repair broken or loose corners on Formica countertops
Replace burner pans on the stove if worn
Keep all mops, brooms, vacuums, etc., put away.
Empty the garbage before each showing
Remove any pet food and water dishes before showings
Organize pantry to look nice and neat
Box up any dishes & cooking supplies you can live without
Scrub/polish the sink to make it look like new again


Make beds daily
Invest in new bedspreads if necessary (consult stager first)
Clear off bedside tables, dressers, etc.
Store daily necessities in drawers or closet
Organize closets to be nice and neat
Keep closet doors closed
Keep all the floors clear and vacuum regularly
Remove all wall decor, other than a tasteful piece of art
Repair any holes or damage to walls


Put soap and supplies in cupboards
Keep all surfaces and sink clean and empty
Use high watt bulbs to make it look brighter
Remove any and all clothing, dirty or clean.
Keep floors cleared of clutter and mop regularly


Clear and clean ALL surfaces
Display a bottle of hand soap or a clean bar of soap
Purchase new towels if necessary (consult stager first)
Coordinate all linens in one or two colors
Fold towels in thirds on towel rack
Remove all unnecessary items out of shower stalls and tubs
Clean or replace all shower curtains
Clean any moldy areas in the showers and baths
Replace caulking to make it look new again
Take off all cloth toilet lids and keep lids closed
Hide garbage cans and cleaning supplies
Organize cabinets to be nice and neat


Look at your house objectively from your neighbor's yard
Clean or repaint the front door if needed
Repaint the exterior and trim if needed
Replace any rotten wood on the exterior
Sweep all walkways, patios, porches, and decks
Pressure wash any dirty/stained concrete
Re-stain deck wood as needed
Wash windows, inside and out
Use outdoor furniture to show use of space
Outdoor drapes, pillows, and throws create an inviting retreat


Clean and sweep out the garage
Keep storage nice and neat
Repaint dirty areas
Pack anything you can live without


Prune bushes and plants to look healthy
Do not allow shrubs or plants to block windows
Weed all planting areas
Put down fresh mulch to restore color contrast
Keep the lawn freshly mowed, edged, and fertilized
Remove any dead plants
Add a few flowers for a splash of color if needed

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